Apr 2, 2007

2 more sleeps

... untill we are off to sunny QLD! Another big trek in our holiday home on wheels! I can't wait!! I am going to be meeting up with my best friend Bec and her hubby Nick and we are gonna probably chat untill we lose our voices. We hope to do a few fun things on the coast when we can, but we hope to get some relaxation done as well.

Everything has been crazy in this household for a while. I have been working my rear-end off on my new website www.domesticguru.com I have also had some dramas with Mop this week. She hasn't been eating. She was sick last week with some viral thing, but came good, apart from her appetite. 6 days later and eaten barely a thing, she was flaked out, weak and looking terrible. She was limp in my arms, and saying she was hungry, but refused to eat. I took her to the docs tonight and he said she has some viral thing in her blood, which is taking her a little longer to get over. She also has a sore throat, and that may account for why she hasn't been eating much. Poor tike. But to her absolute delight, she got to wee in a cup tonight, which she thought was the best thing. I personally thought it was gross....

E the little man might be allergic to egg. I gave him french toast for tea and that night he puked it all back up in his cot (of course when I was just about to go to sleep) and came out in a big rash. Great... another food allergy to deal with! :(

Mop is growing up into a right little miss!! So stubborn and strong willed.... just like her mild mannered, quiet father... :) Nah, she is her Mother's daughter... and it drives me wild!! But she is so much fun, and so smart!! She is writing really well now, and reads so well. She plays with calculators untill she goes cross-eyed! She also has mastered the computer, so she sits down and plays with Fifi and the Flowertots and the ABC kids Playground with Mitzi (whom Mop talks about as if they are school friends!)

Daz is Daz. Working hard. And that's all he really does. Poor guy. He's a good bloke though and luckily for me he loves being with his kids and his old bag of a wife.

Well that's the rundown of life around here. It's all go go go. Can't wait to stop and smell the sea air on the east coast. I can't wait to rub Bec's very pregnant belly and thank my lucky stars its not me that's 8 months pregnant. I can't wait to take Mop to Dream world and Sea world. She is gonna LOVE it!! Thankfully no Tsunami's hit the coast today (there was a warning out today about them.) It should be just divine!!

Catchya when I get back!!

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