Apr 24, 2007

Holiday news... and more.

Well we are home from our wonderful trip to QLD. We had a wonderful time!! We saw great things, did great things and relaxed and had a wonderful time. Water was the theme even though we went into level 5 restrictions land. The kids had a ball at South Bank at the water park there. I can't believe how creative people can be with water. The kids got drenched and were happy to do so. Mop went swimming and E decided to drown himself LOL. There was another water park of sorts, on a smaller scale down on the sunshine coast (name escapes me) and the water was much more forceful there. E screamed his lungs out and Mop just played in the spray. They still had fun though.

We went to Dream World and had a marvelous time there. The kids spent the majority of their time in Wiggles World. While they were in some play area, a huge lizard came down right under my feet and stayed there for 10 minutes. I was totally FREAKING out!! I hate reptiles!! The picture up the top is the little blighter.
We toured the Sunshine Coast with our friends and had a marvelous time. Nick (Daddy to be) was devoted to playing with the kidlets and Mop was totally in love with him. When he came home from work in his suit he was labeled "Beautiful". Bec waddled admirably and looks just divine pregnant. I took some lovely shots of her with her preggy belly.
While we were there we found out some rather astounding news. Totally out of the blue and unexpected. We are having another baby!!! I am approximately 7 weeks pregnant. Daz got a bit suspicious when I started reacting to smells etc. He went to the chemist, bought a test, came home and said "Pee on this". Within seconds it was positive. I totally flipped.... Due date should be around the 11th of December. I'll be induced a few weeks before so that means it should be end of November baby. Nice one.
I am getting more and more used to it as time goes on. I have my first midwives appointment on Friday morning so that is helping me accept it as reality. I keep thinking, "the test MUST be wrong". But you can't get false positives unless you are on fertility treatments. And BOY do I NOT need that! Too fertile as it is!!
My website is coming along nicely. Hopefully start doing daily posts as of next week. We'll see. Depends if Daz has time to help me with some bits and pieces. I am proud of how it's looking.
Ok well I better shoot, the kids need bathing.

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Darren said...

The other water park was Calloundra, wasn't it?