Jan 30, 2006

Taking time to snooze in the sun.

Well these last few days have been .....
Excuse me while I go throw a certain beeping for no good reason smoke detector out onto the street.... :( I warned Daz, that if it annoyed me, it would die!!
POO!! It's the one on the roof making a racket!!

So where was I? Oh yeah, filling you in....
On Saturday it was the most humid day in a long time. I was dripping most of the time. The fam and i went to Elizabeth to pick up a pressie for Grannies 65th birthday, and while we were inside it rained a bit. We came out and it was STEAMIN!! Like someone had left the hot shower on with no exhaust and no windows open. I could barely breathe!
On Sunday we didn't do too much. I think we painted half the hall... we were supposed to finish it Sunday, but it never happened... ah well...
Sunday night I had a false labour. FOR 6 HOURS!! contractions at 2 minutes apart. They hurt, and I was waiting for intensity to pick up.. while my darling man slumbered peacefully next to me. They slowed down and then finally stopped at the end of that time, and I finally got some sleep... 2 whole hours. I was exhasuted monday!!
Monday afternoon I did a very unusual thing, I curled up with caitlin in my bed, and fell asleep...
Last night I didn't sleep again, basically because I couldn't get comfy. I should be half dead by tonight so I should be able to sleep... after some herbal sleeping pills and some serious spooning from Daz.

Went to see the midwife today. The baby's head is 2/5th engaged. She said that was a good sign. She poked and prodded and boy did that hurt. All that internal bruising!!
We discussed inducing me and what that would mean for me having a water birth. Apparently things HAVE changed since I gave birth to Caitlin. Turns out I can be induced AND have a water birth. YAY!! Midwife reckons I will not need inducing. I am pretty close to popping this kid out.

And I have changed my mind about the sex... I am having a strong feeling it will be another girl. But then my maternal instincts are pretty crappy so I guess we will see. Caitlin has been asking for a sister so I hope I can come through for her...

Been doing some more scrapbooking, since Daz took me to buy some more scrapping stuff. I am liking the results and am pretty happy with it all. I am trying to catch up on about 2 years worth of stuff...one of my NY resolutions is to catch up and stay up to date. So I am on my way!!

Well that's about all from me.
Till next time..
Cheerio, I'll be back soooon

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