Jan 22, 2006

It's HOT in the city... well was! 23/01

What a weekend!! It was STINKIN hot! It was mid 40's for the whole weekend. Apparently it was the worst heat wave to hit Adelaide in 60 odd years.
If we got brave and stepped outside, we would be hit with a blanket of hot air. It was terrible! And last night smoke from some bushfires blanketed the city so not only was it hot, we could smell burning. The smoke was thick and pretty nasty. Luckily the cool change came through and blew all the smoke away

Pete and Deb (Brother and Sister-in-law) stayed for the weekend because it was just too hot to sleep at their house. So this weekend was kinda out of the ordinary. Deb bought chocolate though, bless her, and invited us to swim at her Mum's place on one of those evil days. AND she cleaned my kitchen, so she is a very welcome houseguest!! We got to experience life with a little baby once again. Madeline drove home the fact that in less than 3 weeks, we will have a baby of our own that will cry every 4 hours for a feed, and need their butt changed and to coo and goo and gah. Madeline is a beautiful baby and she looks like a doll when she is still.
Caitlin loves Madeline and squatted by her little carrier and would touch her gently and say "hello madeline" and give her the dummy when she was crying. I felt utter relief. I wasn't sure how Caitlin would react to having a baby in the house for such a long time. She wasn't too impressed when we told her a baby was on the way when I was first pregnant, but now she can't wait. She is asking for a little sister, but I told her it might be a boy. I don't think she will mind either way. I think she wants a sister because Emma does. And also she is only just working out boys and girls and that they are different....

Emma (niece) kept Caitlin occupied for the whole weekend, and I was not asked to play with her that whole time. I got a nice break and Caitlin was run ragged every day! And at times was over-tired and over stimulated. Emma is toilet training at the moment as well, so the girls were watching each other wee and learning off each other. Though 5 minutes ago, Caitlin was "too busy" to go to the toilet and piddled all over her play mat. GRRRR....

2 weeks and 4 days untill this right now stretching, fidgeting baby is born. I ran into my midwife on Saturday and she said I would be delighted to learn..NOT... that I tested positive for Strep B. So basically this means that as soon as I suspect I am in labour, I need to high tail it to the hospital and get given antibiotics in the back of the hand. Oh just wonderful. Let me explain WHY this less than thrills me. My veins are the worst on the planet. They DO NOT cooperate and they shrink and hide when they see a needle coming. NO ONE... and I repeat NO ONE can get blood out of me. I end up black and blue after a blood test and they end up with a few mls of my blood. It's like trying to bleed a rock!!! So hopefully the veins won't mind having stuff pumped into them.

I am behaving a bit nesty today. Last night Darren and I got the nursery FINALLY sorted out and it's ready for the baby - whenever he or she is ready. Caitlin had a wonderful time "helping" prepare her old room for the new baby. She lay in the cot and watched the rabbit mobile going around and around. It was very cute. Then Darren and I sorted out our clothes and got rid of a stack of the stuff for charity. Since then this morning I have sorted through 2 more drawers, tidied and have a huge urge to clean and sort from one end of the house to the other. Might give into the urge... though I have no urges to iron just as yet. Big surprise there, since I detest ironing with all of my being!

Well untill next time - stay cool.

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