Nov 2, 2006

Jingle the Deck with Silent Mangers......

YAY! Christmas Season has started!! The pagent is this weekend which Daz and I will be watching with the kiddies. So that means all the christmas decorations will go up in th shopping centers, all the carols will be playing and I will be in my favourite season of the year!

These are our Christmas cards for this year. I am pretty pleased with them. The friends and fam will get a picture of my gorgeous kids (oh and Daz's I guess ;) ) and I get to practice playing with digi-scrapping.

Can't wait to start wrapping presents and decorating the tree. I won't be doing that till the beginning of December, maybe late November. Usually around our anniversary it goes up. I love watching all the presents pile up under the tree, though Daz doesn't put mine out till Christmas Eve (coz he knows I will stare at it and try see through the paper what it is.)

Last night E decided that midnight was a great time to wake up and play for a few hours. He's not so pleasant today. He is just laying on the floor, crying - for no reason. I have no sympathy. :)

Mop is doing really well in school. Her teacher has reccommended she get tested (IQ) so we will think about that. I don't really see the point. We all know she is smart. She doesn't need a number to tell us that.

Ok I am getting sick on whinger here so I better get going.

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