Oct 26, 2006

Clogged and blocked

My sinuses are driving me INSANE! I wish I could breathe through my nose!! I have a phobia of breathing through my mouth. I am scared of inhaling something - that something being a spider or worse!!! This week has been rather horrible. Daz stayed home with me Tuesday and Thursday, because they were my worse days - the days I didn't sleep, I couldn't breathe and felt generally YUCK.

One happy moment. I got up this morning, and came out to say hello to E - and he smiled at me and said "mum-mum" YAY!!!Very happy about that.

One sad moment. We found out we lacked the funds at the present to plant out Pop's memorial garden. I was sooooo dissapointed. We got the water feature in though and it looks so good. Will post pictures when it's all finished.

One happy moment. Mop started her second day in the older class on Monday, and the Principal reccomended taking her out of the younger class all together. She was getting bored. Mop's new teachers are just wonderful! They are really trying hard to work out where she is at, and how they can best teach her where to start with her.
They were both gobsmacked at how well she reads. She doesn't sound the letters out anymore, unless it's a word she isn't familiar with. She just reads. They sat with her and looked at her numbers and other stuff.

Last week I tried posting some of my scrapping stuff on my Blog but it didn't work. :( So I'll try again.

Oh and another thing - I KNOW SOMETHING YOU DON'T KNOW!!! I have a big secret - a positively DELICIOUS secret.. and I am so excited about it, I want to blab it to the world. Can't yet though... so you will just have to sit tight and wait.

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