Oct 3, 2006

E's first word

Ready? Wait for it....


He said it this morning. I woke up to hearing his baby chatter with his Daddy, distinctly saying "Da-da"

My baby is growing up!!

He is desperatly trying to crawl as well. He gets from the sitting position to on his all fours, then falls onto his stomach and can't get back up! LOL.... he is too heavy. I'm not surprised really. He weighs 4 kg less than Mop does! And she is 3 years old!!! Boofer!

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Daddy said...

Yay! :) Mop's was Ma-ma, and E's is Da-da. Looks like we're even!

He's also saying Ba-ba quite clearly.

The boy is definately growing up, with his no-longer-toothless gums and his improving attempts to crawl. It's scary.