Oct 3, 2006

My Mojo is back!

After getting some motivation and inspiration and some encouragement from Jo - my mojo has returned!!

The family sketch one i am very proud of, I combined 4 photos to make it loo like we sat for the one sitting. I call it the portrait we never sat for!

We just got back from a lovely relaxing time in Berri. We choofed off in the caravan and we really enjoyed the peace and quiet and the time to regroup and refresh ourselves. Mop had a wondrful time making friends at the caravan park, and learning that there are kids bigger than her about! We went to the Barmera markets and Monash Adventure Playgound. We all had a marvelous time.

It was Steve's birthday yesterday and we had a family BBQ here. It was good to catch up, though I was bone tired and not feeling very social.

Gotta go, the tooth cutting monster is on my lap squawking and screaming....

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