Oct 19, 2006

Blah blah blah.

Hiya all
Well these last few weeks have been a nightmare for me. I have been living with a banshee... one that never loses his voice!! E has been screaming for a few weeks while he has been cutting some more teeth. I don't think I am going to be able to cope if this happens every time he cuts teeth.
Well my ears have finally stopped ringing and he has gone back to being a relatively happy boy. Till next time....

I am so excited about this weekend. We are going to be installing a water feature and a garden bed as a memorial to my Pops. I was given some money from his court case that he won (compensation for dying of asbestos related cancer - yeah go figure) No snide and nasty comments like "How can you compensate for losing a life?" ANYWAY..... we are picking up the water feature tomorrow and going to deck it all out and make it all pretty. Will have to put photos of the finished result.

Mop started 2 days a week this term at pre-school. Her teacher took me aside today and said they have made a spot for her in the older class for two sessions a week and one session with her current class room - basically because she is too smart for the kids her own age, and they want to meet her intellectual standards. I think the teacher was a little bit shocked and surprised - I am guessing she sat down to read a book with Mop. She is reading most words now. She often asks me what they mean or says "what's that word??" I tell her, then try to explain what it means. She is already starting to spell as well!! She is starting to realise just how ridiculous the English language is because she was reading the ingredients to me from a recipe to put on the shopping list and she read out the word "puree" as it sounds. I corrected her telling her it was pronounced "Pur-ay" and she shook her head, "No! Look it says Puree" LOL... I couldn't argue with her, nor try to explain how suddenly an "ee" is for this word pronounced as "ay" I let it slide. She is only three. She has plenty of time... LOL

So I could have 3 mornings a week to myself (when E is in bed) I won't know what to do with myself!! I think it will be good housework catching up time!!
Mop loves school so I think there will be no arguments there. She never cries when I leave her. She simply waltzes into the classroom, says "bye Mum!" and off she goes to find stuff to do. Not like a few other little tikes I see, hysterical because they are going to be left for a few hours. Poor little mites. One little girl takes some convincing to get into the classroom. I feel sorry for them and the parents. The parents look so guilty and so sad because their baby is hysterical. I am glad I don't have to deal with that.

Well I better stir the fires, better start thinking about making dinner. Sarah (Daz's cousin) is coming for dinner. I really enjoy hanging out with her. She brings girly movies and chocolate and we get along really well. I think I get on with her much better than my own cousins. We are quite similar, bossy, outspoken, and have a good sense of humour. Actually I really enjoy being with most of Daz's cousins. They are more like me - they are crazy! They are a great bunch of people.

Not long till my rheumatologist appointment. I am getting worse and worse. My wrist siezed up today, my feet are so bad, they really hurt alot of the day. I hate whinging about it, but there ya go. I hope I can be given medication to help slow it down and make it less painful.

Don't tell Daz (he is probably reading this so you can blab all you like) Since E has stopped screaming, I have been getting clucky for another baby. I think I am insane!!! Can't have one anyway for a little while. We have to at least wait for Steve to move out and wait till the lease on our car ends so we can get more of a roomy car so we can fit in 3 booster/baby seats. I have this urge to have a baby in my tummy again (WEIRD coz I hate being pregnant) I want to have a tiny little helpless one (hopefully with more of Daz's placid nature, rather than my feistiness - like the other two!!) again, and I want more kids running around........ I think that screaming had more of an effect on me than I thought!! Maybe I have gone insane!? LOL

Okay now I really need to go and start dinner!

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Darren said...

Just remember E's screaming, honey! :)