Oct 17, 2009

Now I REALLY can't wait for summer..

This weekend we made a big purchase. A very big purchase. A swimming pool!!!

Part of EJ's therapy is swimming - but it makes it very hard to do that when the local pools are indoors in very large echoey buildings. I couldn't bear the thought of taking all three kids swimming there, and having to try and keep an eye on them all. I could wait for Daz to help me, then I am restricted as to what times I can take the kids. Outdoor pools are far and few between around here. But my biggest concern was, what if he starts melting down? What if he cracks it and I have to drag him out kicking and screaming. Not only will his banshee screams draw every pair of eyes in the place to us, but I may have to make my exit in just my bathing suit. Oh the HORROR! I am not very confident in my body - and the thought of anyone looking at me filled me with such panic.

We do have family members with pools, but I didn't want to take advantage of them and their swimming pools. So we looked into getting our own. It will be better for EJ to swim in his own environment anyway, and he can go in at any time and if he chucks a wobbly, we are 3 meters away from the house.

So Daz and I did a bit of shopping, Daz did a ring around, he did a stack of research and then today zipped into Clark Rubber and made the purchase. We are now proud owners of an above ground pool. We will put it in the ground in a few years time, when we can afford to. But for now, it's above. So over the next month or so, we will be starting to process of council approval, setting it up, fencing and whatnot.
We were quite lucky, the pool we bought was last season's stock - and we got an amazing deal. Mr Clark Rubber chucked in alot of stuff - I think Daz only had to buy 1 thing! - which was a measly chemical kit! :) We did quite well I think and I am stoked.

I am happy because now I can swim instead of walk for exercise. My fybromyalgia is finally not going to stop me or hinder me at least from exercising.

I am looking forward to lazy summer evenings, having a BBQ and then swimming all night. It's going to rock!!

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