Oct 23, 2009

It depends how you look at it..

Today I had a rather interesting insight into EJ.

His speech therapist has suggested that we try and teach EJ the concept of "Who". She thought "who says" would be a good game for him to play in the car.

So I put my edumakation hat on and ask E brightly "EJ, who says 'meow'"?
There was silence.. then a "WHAT are you talking about?"
"Who says meow?"
"What are you talking about?? YOU said it!"
"No EJ, WHO says meow?"
"YOU DID!" all said in a tone of voice of "DUH MUM!"
I thought... hmm... this isn't working. So I said "Ally says meow. Charli says woof. Who says woof?"
EJ sounded exasperated, "What are you TALKING about? WHY are you saying Woof?"
I tried one more....
"EJ who says oink?"
A little voice pipes up from behind me "PIG!" says 22 month old Milly.

I laughed and gave up. I'll try again another day.

EJ sees life so differently - I can't wait to see how this develops in him.


Renata said...

Oh how precious! He's a smart little fellow & Milly sounds adorable!

Colleen said...

lol of course he is a smart little thing but he also has good common sense. Like "Duh mummy, YOU are saying Meow...."