Oct 24, 2009

An end of an era.

Almost 13 years ago I joined our church. A few years later I married and he called my church home as well. A few years later again, childred were born - and were dedicated there. (Similar to christening for those who are unsure of the term) A decade of serving and ministering in some capacity. Today was our last service.

As of next week, we begin at another church for the greater benefit of this family. It was sad, but I know we have made the right decision.


Renata said...

I know you have made this decision for your family's best interests, but it's alright to be sad. I remember how difficult it was for me joining Dave's church when we were married as I missed all the familiarity of my old one. It does take a time of adjustment, but it will be better in the long run.

Daph said...

I will be praying for you and your family. Its hard leaving somewhere you have called home for so long. I called my church home for 26 years before we realised we had to go for the benefit of our family, our son especially as well. I pray you will be settled in soon in your new Church family. 10 months on for us it has been up and down, but in all, all UPS...I pray it will be this way for you, a place of great worship and teaching from the Bible, and a place where you are welcomed with open arms and supported :)