Oct 6, 2009

October Long Weekend

How perfect was our weekend? On Friday afternoon we packed up our caravan and headed to North Beach on the Yorke Peninsula. We had lots of lazy sunny days and lots of relaxing. Mop found herself a group of girls to run around with. She rode her bike around the caravan park and played on the play equipment with them. We barely saw her! That's ok, she had a wonderful time. EJ and Milly played on their bikes in front of the caravan, and Daz and I sometimes pulled up our seats and watched them, while sititng in the sunshine.
We caught up with friends on the Saturdays night and endured a Webber roast - I seriously have to buy one of those for Daz!! :) We played games, chatted and had a wonderful time.
I attempted the annual Christmas photo shoot on the beach, but didn't have as much luck as I would have hoped. You can see those photos on MY CRAFT BLOG

Daz managed to read, I did some scrapping and web design. (I am trying to revamp my domestic guru website.)

It was so relaxing and we really enjoyed ourselves!!

Next getaway is lined up for the second weekend in November. :) Looking forward to it very much

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