Oct 7, 2009

Boys!! ARRRGHH!!

Seriously, what is wrong with playing nicely and properly??? Would it kill him to actually sit down and play with his train set and cars on his cute road mat? Why does he have to fling it at the walls and on top of the cuboard. Would it kill him to have some imaginary boy game (whatever they play) with his beloved Teddy, instead of flinging him up on the hook of the curtain rod - or worse still try knock out the air conditioning vents? Would it kill him to ride his bike, play with the chalk, play with the dog, jump on the tramp, swing on the swings, climb the climbing frame, go down the slide - instead of throwing absolutely ANYTHING he can get his hands on over the fence - to the neighbours rather large dog??
Why do you have to rip up the grass, throw stones in the water feature at the fish, seek out and destroy everything you possibly can?

Why?? Because he is a boy. And he is my boy. And I love him to pieces. But geeze I am not looking forward to bothering our neighbours... YET AGAIN... and retrieve whatever it is he has thrown over this time.


Beware - he may look innocent... but it's all an act I can tell you!! :P


Daph said...

sounds like my boy, and at 9n still the same :(

Colleen said...

He is so adorable. Gonna be a heartbreaker :)