Oct 11, 2009

Ok I'm now officially beside myself....

As you know, I am absolutely nuts about Christmas. Completely and utterly nuts. I have this friend, Donna, who feeds this craziness with her own craziness, and between us both we are like 6 year olds bouncing on the bed, waiting for Santa.

I think it's infectious, because now Mop is starting to get excited! :) I'll have her be a Christmas nut like me before long!! :)

73 days to go!! :)

Today I will be making another stack of Christmas presents, along with table decor for my very posh meal that I will be making my family this year. My brothers and their families will be elsewhere this year, so it will be our crew, my parents and grandparents. A nice little intimate gathering - where I can really go crazy and make it super-dooper special.

As of 1st December, the online Christmas Carol radio station will be on! I'll be humming along to all my favourites - even though most of them sing about snow, reindeers and Santa - all three items that don't even factor into our Christmas. But oh well.. they are still fun.

In the garage, under lock and key, is where the kids Christmas presents are stashed. They never go in there, so can't see the big Makka Pakka (which Milly will want immediately if she saw it), the Wii games for Mop and the huge train set for EJ. Mop and Milly don't have their big gifts yet, we are still looking about for ideas. Over the next 2 months I am going to try and find stocking fillers that are appropriate for them. We always put new underwear in there - so that will be the easy part. Then it's small nick nacks, like hair ties, toothbrushes - I'm thinking a torch for EJ... Lots of thinking... lots of fun!! :)

Ahhh I love Christmas!!

Righto, I am off to paint my pine-cones I have collected for my centerpiece this year!

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