Oct 20, 2009

FINALLY! Spring!!!

Spring has finally decided to grace us with her presence. Beautiful 30 degree day here! I am sitting her, listening to birds chirping, dogs barking, neighbours chatting - the air is warm, balmy and still. There is a distinct promise of an approaching summer.

Bring it on baby!!

I LOVE summer...
- it's Christmas
- it's warm
- BBQ's
- Crisp, cold white wine.
- it's my birthday
- we can do more outdoors - and quit being cooped up inside all the time!
- summer clothes are lighter and just so much nicer than heavy horrid winter garb.
- swimming, iceblocks, icecream, salads, stone fruit, LONG school holidays
... and the list could go on.

If I could imagine Heaven, I reckon it would be one eternal summer!

1 comment:

~*PaKaHaJa*~ said...

I LOVE Summer as well. For pretty much the same reasons as you.. Long school holidays, means my girls are here for 3-4 weeks at a time.. yay.. My birthday, My kids birthday's, Christmas the list goes on. As much as I hate December in $$$$ value, I LOVE this time of year..