Nov 1, 2009

Early memories

I originally decided that blogging was a way I was going to reach out to my children if something ever happened to me. Daz knows that if I die, this blog is to be printed, bound and given to each of my kids, so that they would know what I was like with them, when they were little, and the little stories that Mum's store away for future telling. I know this sounds morbid, but this is "just in case".

So this story is part of that purpose.

Today I want to share with you my earliest memories. I remember living in my Nanna and Pop's house. This was around the age of 2 - same age as Milly-moo. I remember the purple bedroom that was mine and Mum's. Purple walls, purple quilt cover - not bright purple, a lovely soft lilac-purple. I remember sitting on the itchy couches that made me feel like I had prickles in my legs. I remember the nasty dog that bit me all the time - horrid little chihuahua - need I say more? I remember the huge backyard! I remember walking around underneath some shade house with Pops looking at potted plants. I remember Nanna's legs in the kitchen, she wore skirts alot. I vaguely remember floral flowing skirts.


I liked pink. I've always liked pink. I always will!
I liked reading, playing with my dolls, making cubby houses and having tea-parties. In fact there is a photo of my Mum, sick as a dog being pregnant with Pete, with me in a cubby house having a tea-party with me. Talk about being a devoted Mum!

I remember living in our very first house - when Dad joined our family. I remember the cubby house Dad made me out of wood and railway sleepers. I remember the fruit trees that were EVERYWHERE in that place. I remember the sandpit sitting underneath a nectarine tree. I remember throwing stones at the fence to make the dogs next door bark. I remember Dad playing in the paddling pool with me. I remember sitting in the bath, while Mum watched me play. I remember being swallowed up in big red fluffy bath towels and dried off. I remember telling Mum that I was going to pour water into the Tupperware cup until it reached the roof. I remember my first lesson in gravity happened that day while I was in the bath. I remember being scared of the black part of the toilet bowl. Not sure what it was to this day, but I hated it and I hated sitting down on it. I think I used to wee on the toilet mat because I didn't want to sit on the toilet where the black thing was. I remember when my first brother was born and Granny came to stay with me. I remember she gave me Tiffy - a brown dog/rabbit looking thing that became my special soft toy. Tiffy slept with me every night until I married.

I remember Dad laying in bed with me reading to me in all kinds of accents and funny voices. I remember Mum standing in the doorway laughing until she was crying. I remember Dad would oblige when I would say "Read it backwards Daddy!" Not only would he read it backwards, he would read every single word backwards. "emit a nopu ecno" It sounded like a bizzare language, which I found hillarious! Mum would request American accents, Irish accents, Scaaawtish accents... and Dad would do it, and the stories took on a whole different level of hillarity!


I remember the time that Mum opened a tin of corn and it has spoiled and the smell!! YUCK! I didn't eat corn for 20 years after that without complaint! I remember my Aunty Janet telling me if I stepped on a crack a monster would come out and eat me. Yeah thanks for that.. I didn't step on cracks for ages!! I remember Dad helping me learn to ride a bike. It was yellow and very little. It ended up being my brother's first bike as well.


Lots of memories. But these are just some of them. Some of who and what I was when I was a little girl.


Renata said...

What a great idea! Such lovely memories to cherish!

Darren & Leah said...

Woah... Milly and Mop look so much like you did! Freaky! - Daz

Colleen said...

Loved it, and yes you the younger you looks so much like your girls. :)