Nov 19, 2009

New lyrics in the spirit of Christmas

Daz came into the room chuckling and held out this piece of paper. Mop has been writing song books lately with old favourites, and sometimes made up songs. This time she was writing Christmas songs - and this is an old hit with kids - though with somewhat unusual lyrics. (Translation below)


"Jingle Bells
Jingle Bells
Jingle all the way
On that farm
The easter ride
In the one thou
sooped slay"


Ahhh... this girl is full of amusement for her parents lately!! This just adds to the joy we experience in having such a beautiful, clever and creative daughter - we get to laugh at the funny things she does.

She's so irresistably cute!!

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Renata said...

That is too cute! My kids were singing that song the other day & they mix up that part as well - although they didn't use those words!