Nov 18, 2009

A lesson on reproduction

Mop bought home her writing book along with a note from her teacher saying that she wanted to finish her story that she had started in class. Fair enough - so I send Mop on her way to finish it. She comes out half an hour later proudly with her story for me to read.
I start "Once upon a time there were two mated butterflies..."
Mated. What on earth is that?? Is that a breed that I don't know about?? I asked her, "Mop what are mated butterflies?"
And in a tone of voice that said uh.. DUH MUMMY, how come you don't know this, you are after all ancient... she begins to explain.
"It's when they get married and have babies."

Ohhh... THAT mating.

I had to bite my lips and cheeks as I read the rest of the story to not laugh at it and make her feel self-conscious. I want to take her seriously at all times... and laugh my head off when she isn't looking!!

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