Nov 13, 2009

All things great and small...

Tonight Milly showed such a deep compassionate side to her. While she was eating her dinner, she fell backwards off her little kindy chair. I went over to her and picked her up, comforting her. I picked up her chair and to my surprise I found underneath it, squished so it's insides were out but not completely dead - this little critter:

ear wig Pictures, Images and Photos

Now to me, this is one of my most despised insects. Cockroaches and these little ferals. EARWIGS. *shudder*

Anyway.. back to my story. Milly had squashed this earwig who happened to be passing at the time of her falling off her chair. It's little legs were wiggling and I told Daz who was in the kitchen, what Milly's accident did. Milly stared down at the ground, horrified. "ANIMAL!" she cried "ANIMAL!!" she bent down close to it, "ANIMAL!" and she burst into tears. She must have known that it was hurt and she caused it. I pulled her into my arms and she wailed on my shoulder about the animal. I took her into the bathroom so Daz could dispose of the critter. "ANIMAL!!!" she kept crying as I washed her hands and face, and changed her clothes, put a new nappy on.... she was really upset about it.
I had to think of something!! "The earwig has gone now to play with it's Mummy and Daddy." Milly looked at me as if she didn't quite believe me. Thankfully Mop came in and backed up my story "I put it outside Milly, and it's gone to play." Milly went to inspect the scene of the accident, and saw that the earwig was truly gone. She cheered up and ran off to play.

What a precious little girl with such a compassionate spirit. To me it was just an earwig - but to her every life is important, all things great and small.

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