Nov 9, 2009

Weekend in Stansbury

This weekend we had an amazing time with friends of ours, camping at Stansbury. We arrived on early Friday evening - our friends had arrived earlier and were all set up already. The kids were thrilled to see each other and were off in no time riding around the park as if they owned the place. They dissappeared off to the playground, leaving us to set up in peace.
We ate dinner then took a walk down to the beach after dark. The water was warm and delicious!
The next day we pretty much vegged. We hung out in the campsite, took the kids to the beach, went to some beachside markets - the girls got a face paint while I got myself a bargain: check it out - $8!!

Daz and T-man went fishing and did some manly bonding. Bought back a squid, which Daz seasoned delightfully, and T-man cooked up perfectly. Yummm!! I hung out with R and we watched the kids pretty much run themselves ragged all afternoon! After an unfortunate accident with my embroidery cottons (E accidently knocked them all out of the box) we took the kids down to the beach to have their final swim and play, then put them to bed.

Once the kids were down and settled, the adults had a magnificent feast of roast beef and veggies, choc caramel bavarian, and of course, our tradition, a cheese platter. I was very full after that. We all gasbagged, laughed and had an amazing time. Poor R seemed to be eternally nearly choking on her coke or snorting it out of her nose in fits of laughter!

On Sunday we packed up and headed to Port Vincent and I took a few photos of the kids for the Christmas cards for this year. After the shoot, we had to fly home.

We had an amazing weekend and it was so relaxing. I have to get my head out of the fuzz and into my study - I have an essay due on Friday!!! :o!!!

Here is a sample of the photos I took to use for Christmas cards - I'll put more up on my craft blog later on if you want a squizzy.








Colleen said...

Gosh how adorable. So glad you had a good time. :)

I also love the dresses your girls had on. Sooo cute.

Renata said...

What beautiful photos!
How do you get your pics to come up so big on your blog?

Sounds like such a fun (& relasing) weekend!

Skipper said...

Renata - I upload my photos to Photobucket instead of to blogger, that's why they are large :)

Thanks for the compliments on my photos ladies! :)