Nov 25, 2009


Mop asked me this morning how many anniversaries do we (Daz and I) have. I explained about wedding anniversaries - then our "going out" anniversary. She looked confused, so I explained in simple terms, "It was when Daddy and Mummy became girlfriend and boy friend."

The eyes gave it away. The big blue parts of her eyes were sparkling, they were betraying the giggle that was being stiffled down. Her mouth formed into a smirk before exposing her teeth as her lips stretched into a huge grin.

I have never felt so old in all my life.
I teased her, I giggled and said girlishly "Mummy had a boyfriend"
She laughed and laughed.

Daz and I looked at each other and smiled. Yes, once upon a time we were young once. Before the days of bills, mortgages, children, marriage - were were young and carefree. We went to the movies, we went out for dinner, we went parking... :P

I guess to a 6 year old, 31 is ANCIENT!!

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Anonymous said...

Oh gosh, Skip. That is SO adorable and so funny. And you're not old at all! You're still a spring chook!!

You make me want girls <3