Nov 25, 2009

He sure can express himself #1

Today I had take EJ to the doctor to get some forms signed for receiving Carers Allowance. EJ has a phobia of doctors. He was really quite anxious about the whole visit, but I told him that the doctor wouldn't touch him - which was true.
So all day yesterday and all this morning he kept saying to me, "He won't touch me, he won't touch me." ... almost like a self calming mantra. No son, he won't touch you.
So we get to the Doctors, and our new doctor is a big tall African man with a warm wide smile, and sparkling fun eyes. He says hello to EJ - and EJ says "Don't you touch me!" The Doctor thankfully has an amazing sense of humour and laughed heartily. I settled EJ onto a chair in the office and gave him my PDA to play a game on. The doctor mostly read the forms and filled them out. Every now and then he would interrupt EJ to see if he could do something. EJ would stop playing and would do what the doctor said. Towards the end, EJ must have been getting sick of being interrupted, because he looked up from his game, smiled sweetly at the doctor and said "You are very rude!"
Again the doctor laughed loudly, and gave the boy some lollies. I however was feeling the heat rise to my cheeks, and wished that I asked for an assesment on tourettes as well! :)

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Anonymous said...

Oh Skip, I always get a laugh from visiting here! Your family is just gorgeous!

Thankyou, perfect timing, and thankyou for yourpost on my blog, your encouragement helps.