Feb 29, 2008


Just a little post from me today.
Today I went on the college that I plan to go to, to study counselling - and discovered that they have changed the length of study from 5 years full time to 6 years full time. This is because in 5 years time the Aussie Counselling Association place thingamabob will not take members who have not done a graduate course.... hence the 6 years.

AND the cost of the course has gone up by almost a grand, so paying for it is going to be very interesting.

I won't be able to work full time on this course until Milly-Moo goes to school which is 5 years time. So I will be studying FOREVER!! :(

I'm just worried that I'll do what I quite often do - start it and not finish it. Or lose heart and pike out....
What if I don't pass the "psychologically sound" test at the end of 5 years?? :)

It's ok - I am arming myself with as much information as I can to understand and to push myself onwards, regardless that I could be a student when I am 40 years old!!

It's a bit of a leap of faith...

That's all I wanted to say..

PS: Like my new layout?? Ain't it purrddy? Daz complained that he couldn't see the "About me" part - but I figure he knows about me, so it doesn't matter. LOL If you want to know about me - read my blog. :D I personally prefer the flowers and butterflies!

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Donna said...

You have been tagged Skippy doo!!


I love your blog BTW. Very frilly and girly like your good self!!