Aug 17, 2006

A few more of my creations

Talk about incompetence! >=( Today I nearly burned the house down. I cooked some rice for E, as usual, in the usual way, in the microwave. And what do you think happened? It burned. And burned. I could smell toast.. then it got stronger. I ran to the microwave, opened it and BAM! A blanket of smoke rolled out and covered the house. Poor E and mop were choking and I grabbed them and put them in E's room and shut the doors. Then I opened up all the windows, doors, choking, coughing. It's bad. Now my house STINKS of smoke. I have a smoldering dish outside with smoldering rice. I think I will just dump the whole lot in the bin. When it's finished burning!!

1 comment:

fazzbech said...

Oh nuts! The smell takes FOREVER to go from microwaves! How do I know this you ask?....*sigh* ;o)