Jul 27, 2006

Be Bop A Loopa the weekend's here!

Well it will be tomorrow!!!
Friday already!!! Wow!! Time is flying by!

Not much to tell, not much has happened since the birthday party.

This weekend is going to be busy. Tomorrow we are .... *drum roll please*
STAYING HOME!!!! We are going to catch up with lots of home jobs that have been waiting to be done for ages. Then tomorrow night some friends and their kids are coming over for dinner. Mop is looking forward to it! Juliette's coming to play!! :) She loves her friends.

Deb and I have talked about helping each other out with our yards. She and Pete don't have the motivation to work in their yard, and we just don't have the time. But if we helped each other then we are forced to work in each other's yard, forcing us to actually get somewhere. We were supposed to do that starting this weekend, but it's going to rain tomorrow morning, and i am not that thrilled about digging in the mud.
I want to get started painting the house once again, I am sick of looking at yellow walls on one side and builders paint on the other. It looks hideous. I see it ALL DAY LONG.. I don't mind looking at my painted walls... but looking at my unpainted walls is soooo depressing. I'm probably going to have to pain the walls myself when the kids are sleeping, since Daz seems to be way too busy to do it.
Our yard is pretty bad too... we have grass... and weeds. That's it. Hope to start that soon as well since it's spring coming up and that's the ideal time to plant.
Hope someday soon I will have photos of my lovely landscaped garden.

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