Mar 31, 2006

Lead legs

Okay so today after my very vigorous work out on the eyetoy, my legs are killing me. I have muscles in my thighs I had forgotten about. And I have to work out again today. This is going to KILL me... Never mind.

Well Daz is outside, moggy proofing our cat run, it's cloudy and cold. I guess winter is comin. I hate winter. Wish it was summer all year round. All year I could go swimming at the beach, all year I can wear less clothing, all year I can just have a sheet on and be warm. I hate waking up with cold hands, cold feet and a numb nose. I hate getting out of bed in winter. I hate walking around bare feet in winter on our freezing tiles. I hate sitting on a cold toilet seat in winter. I just hate endless rain and drizzle and cold winds. I hate winter.

Elijah's growth spurt has ended and I am getting reasonable sleep once again. 1 feed overnight and that was it. I was very happy about that. He is now sleeping it off.... I guess he is growing. He is getting so big. I am getting clucky again... don't tell Daz.... I wouldn't mind even going under the knife just so I can have another cute baby. As you can see from the picture, he is a handsome little dude. Just like his Daddy...

Well I better stop hiding inside and go help Daz with the retaining wall.... it's just too cold out there. I would be much happier curling up under a doona and watching Dr Quinn (actually I lie... I watch Sully ;) ) or reading a book.

Okay going to procrastinate some more, since Elijah is due for a feed anymoment..

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