Mar 26, 2006

Rest and relaxation - NOT!

This weekend we went to Robe for a getaway, and I swear I came home more exhausted than when I left! Caitlin was such a treasure... NOT. She was pasty and white and tired looking the morning we left. I took her into Target to get her a reward DVD before we left, and she asked me to carry her. That is a first! Usually she is bounding around and running off!!
She had been unwell a few days before. The poor blossom, I gave her food poisining. She had been off her feed for a few days, and was not that well. We should have just stayed home.
In the car she was whingy and dropping off.... untill she vomitted up her Apple and Blackcurrant juice all over the place. YUCK. So we had to pull over on the freeway and clean that up. Then I felt nauseas, from the smell of vomit! YUCKIES!!
After she spewed, color returned to her face slightly and she fell asleep for an hour which was good. Elijah travelled well... when I was in the back seat sitting next to him, so he could look at me! What a mummies boy! LOL
We got to Robe quite late - too late for Steve to go snorkelling, so we went swimming at the motel pool and that was really fun. I took Elijah for his first swim, and he loved it. And he slept well afterwards!
That night we went to a pub for dinner, then headed home. Caitlin wouldn't go to sleep at all. She was awake up to 10pm. Then I put her in the boot of the car (we have a wagon) as the naughty corner. Then I put her into her bed and told her if she didn't go to sleep IMMEDIATELY, she would spend the night in the car boot. That worked. She fell asleep!
We sat outside of the motel room, Steve working on his lappy on a uni assignment. Daz was playing with stuff and transfering them to our new mobile phones, and I was just playing with my phone. We must have looked like right nerds!
Since we were all sharing a room, Elijah waking for his night feeds woke Caitlin up. And she started playing, and wouldn't let up even after Elijah had finished and fell asleep! So I used that threat again. Dead to the world pretty soon afterwards!
Since Caitlin had such little sleep that night, she was a nightmare the next day. She cried, tantrumed, refused to nap, domiated the CD player (let me tell you that "I like to Sing" CD is VERY annoying hearing it 10 times in one weekend!!!) and was a general pain in the bum. But she hadn't been well so we tended to let her ratty behaviour slide.
When we got home, I gave her a very relaxing quiet bath by candlelight and popped her into bed. She slept well! She even slept through the thunder storm last night!

Today she has been positively angelic. Calm, quiet and playing nicely. She has been eating some today which is good. I wonder how much weight she has lost. She is looking a little thinner.

Okay so that was the kids. We went site seeing on Sunday around Robe and Kingston. We saw some great cliffs, and I took some good photos for my project that I am working on. (Which is an altered art work which I plan to do when we have been to the NT. I am going to do a series based on the poem 'I love a sunburnt country') But the funniest part of the whole weekend was going to see the Granites in Kingston. If you get the opportunity to go see some "unique rock formations", DON'T!!! It's a waste of time. All they look like are 4 big lumps of dog turd on the beach. WOOPIE CHOOK!!! Unique??? PFFFT!!!
It was a good laugh though.

The whole point of this weekend away was to get 600kms on the car we are leasing. And we did it. Mission accomplished.

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