Mar 28, 2006

The Great Escape

We have just had built the most lovely cat run. It is fully enclosed and it's just great!
However... my naughty youngest moggy has lead my much older cat astray and dug her way out. That's right folks, she dug a hole to get under the fence!!! I lined up some big retaining wall blocks along where she had dug to try and deter her. No can do! She just dug another hole.

I can hear that tune from the Great Escape in my head. "Do do, do doo do do do. Do do, do do do, do do dooo"

So what does that make me? A Nazi prison warden??

This weekend we will try and moggy proof it some more to keep them in their enclosure.

Having an okay week so far. Elijah is having ANOTHER growth spurt... well actually he did for the last 2 days, he seems to have slowed down a fair bit today. But man can that boy eat!!! He woke up three times in the night for a feed. Not that impressed really. He used to wake just the once then in the morning. Hopefully it all goes back to normal soon.

Caitlin has finally cottoned onto her Princess Craft chart. Every day she doesn't have an accident her crowns moves up a day. She has to have 30 days straight without an accident and then I will buy her Disney Princess Scrapbooking kit. Everytime we go past it, she looks at it. She is getting pretty excited. She is on day 4 without an accident! WOOHOO!!! And I am happy because that is less washing and less cleaning up! YAY!!

Awww, Caitlin just gave Elijah her Pink Teddy and he is happily sucking on it. YUCK....

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