Mar 22, 2006


What the HECK is going through my daughter's mind? My once toilet trained girl is weeing on the floor on purpose. When she wants to get out of punishment, she wets on the floor. I think it's an attention seeking thing.

I am making her clean it up, and I am making her wash her pants out. She is enjoying cleaning her pants, but she hates cleaning the floor.
She put her leap pad in the puddle of wee this time. YUUUCK!! So now I have to clean that as well!!!

I am going to take a moment. Breathe...

NOW what do I do?
If I ignore it, that means I have to keep cleaning wee up.
If I put her in nappies, she will insist on being changed as soon as she has wet.
If I make her walk around with a wet bum, her eczma on her butt gets bad.
If I make her clean it up, it does jack squat.
I have made a big deal of her using the toilet. I have given her lots of praise and rewards.... I have tried to downplay accidents, and just get on with it. But COMMON!! We have been doing this for nearly a year!!! USE THE BLASTED TOILET GIRL!!!

My hands are tied. I just don't know what to do with her. She is driving me CRAZY!!

I have tried rewards, I have tried conjoling, telling her off, I have tried ignoring it, I have tried EVERYTHING!

I am sick of the extra washing. I have enough to do around here, I don't need 4 x or more washing.
I am sick of the smell of wee through my house.
I am sick of her smelling of wee. I can't shower her EVERY time she has an accident. I am tempted to send her outside to live. She can pee out there.... she can come back inside when she is ready to use the toilet. That way I don't smell her, and the great outdoors can absorb the smell of wee.

I am sooooo over this parenting gig. Whoever told me about all the fun times, the great family times, the wonderful experience parenthood really is... MISSED OUT SOME VITAL BITS!!!!

Like the torture of toilet training.
Like the attitude Miss 2 and a half gives out.
Like the tantrums of a very LOUD Miss-give-in-or-I-will-deafen-you.

I am going to go crawl into a hole and cry.

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