Mar 13, 2006

If I could talk to the animals... I would tell them to stop teasing the lions!

This is a picture of my two angels.

Today was a super fun day.
We took the kiddies to the zoo! Apparently I suggested going to the zoo in the middle of the night. I don't really remember suggesting it but it was a brilliant idea.
The queues outside the zoo was amazing!! If you know the Adelaide Zoo, there were 2 lines of people going all the way back to the bridge! We were in line for half an hour! Elijah decided that about 15 minutes in, he would start screaming for his lunch. Poor kid. He survived though.
We didn't get to see everything, but we did get to give our new digital camera a good work out.
Some highlights: Some stupid people were teasing the lionesses and they were roaring furiously, and one bashed at it's cage and scared the living crap out of the teasers. Stupid people. They need a cattle prod shoved into unmentionables and bzzzed!
Also we saw Tasmanian Devils having a "chat"... they are abusive wretches! They make TERRIBLE noise.
Meer cats are cute, Crocidiles are ugly and green tree frogs make me want to throw up. YUCK!

On saturday I spent the morning and half the afternoon in the hairdressers getting all my hair chopped off. It got to a point I just couldn't manage it inbetween dressing the kids and looking after them. Why is it I always get put on the back burner? I end up leaving the house looking terrible. So I now have a short and funky style with blonde streaks. I reckon I look good!

Sunday was a pretty lazy day. We got our digital camera, which works a million times better than our old one. When you take the picture, you don't have to wait for half an hour for it to actually take it. That comes in handy when you have a kid who looks at the camera for a few seconds then looks away just as the flash goes off.

Family update:
Daz is Daz. Nothing much to report. Except that I would die without him. He went to see Tripod with my brothers Sunday night, leaving me to cope with bedtime routine all by myself with two kids for the very first time. All I can say is....I suck. Elijah screamed for about an hour while I was trying to get Caitlin showered, pjama'd, and into bed. Then when it came time to bath Elijah it took twice as long and he didn't settle very easily. I was tense and uptight.... Crikey! I rely way too much on Daz. This experience has made me greatly appreciate all he does to help me and make my life so much easier.

Steve is Steve. Threatening to live with us till he is 40, then move to Mars or some space station. Great.
We think he might have slept walk last night. Last night Daz closed and bolted the sliding door as usual. I heard him do it and he remembers doing it. At 6am when Elijah woke for a feed, the door was still firmly shut. However at 7:30am it was open. I asked Steve about it, and he said he hadn't opened it. But he had a dream that he lost his ball over the fence and the sprinklers were on. It was raining outside this morning. So I reckon he went for a little wander. Scary. Hope he doesnt wander out the front and into the street. I don't even know if he wears clothes to bed.... he might scare our neighbours to death!!

Caitlin has been terrific today. She loved the zoo, and she has been perfectly behaved. You would never believe it, but today she picked up toys all by herself without me nagging her. I only had to ask her once and she did it! I was so surprised and shocked... she got three good girl stickers for that!! Hope her good behaviour continues. It's like my angelic girl has come back once again.
We went shopping for her winter wardrobe on Thursday night and my goodness we spent a fortune to make her look like a million bucks! Still have winter shoes to buy yet. It's funny, I have barely anything to wear, and she is the trendiest little girl I know. Will have to take pictures of her in her get up!

Elijah is just adorable. Smiles at me lots when I ask in a stupid voice "what you doin?" He is so cute. He smiles and goes cross eyed. Makes me laugh. He is sleeping and eating lots at the moment so I am guessing he is porking up. And guess what?? His thighs are getting fat!!!

Me, well same ol same ol. I didn't lose any weight this week but I lost some size which is nice. I lost 2 cms off my waist and 1 cm off my thighs. Will try to work out more this week, if I have the energy and time. Maybe I should get off my butt now and work out? Nah... I am gonna go hit the hay. Elijah will be waking me soon for a feed, and I will be awake for a few hours trying to feed then settle him. Boy that kid can make some noise in his sleep. Grunting and carrying on. Sounds more like an animal than a baby!

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