Mar 19, 2006

Snip go the shears boys!


This weekend, Caitlin threw one too many fits in the shower when I was trying to wash her hair. It was the fit that broke the camels back. She fights me when I brush it because of the knots. She fights me trying to wash it. She fights rinsing it. She screams the house down when shampoo gets anywhere near her eyes or ears. Eyes I understand, but the ears!??
We have tried EVERYTHING. We bought her a little cap that goes around the head to stop water going in her eyes and ears, but she just rips it off. We tried goggles, but she won't wear them in the shower, only around the house! We tried getting her to close her eyes, but she refuses. We tried a flannel, she wont hold it over her eyes. She's a pain in the bum when it comes to washing hair. So I had had enough. "You either let me wash your hair with minimal fuss, or I am cutting it all off." I threatened. She kept going.

So I cut it off. I thinned it out and layered it because it's just too thick and curly to handle. When she is older we can try having longer hair. She is just too young to have so much hair. Everyone was pretty upset that I chopped all her ringlets off. But they are not the ones to have to deal with the screaming banshee in the bathroom... that makes me go deaf for at least an hour afterwards!
This is a picture of the new and improved hair-style. It's easier to brush and easier to do in the morning. Considering I am not a hairdresser, I think I did a great job!!

Also since I started being a meanie and making her clean up her own wee mess.... little miss has decided that she IS toilet trained afterall. Not an accident since I wrote in my BLOG last. I am very happy about that.

Elijah's little eating fit he had paid off. The boofer gained 460grams last week! So I guess all that eating served a purpose. He started cooing at me this morning, having a chat about something or other, then he burst into tears, so I guess there is such a thing as too much of a good thing.

I just called my sister in law to see how Emma (niece) is going, since she wasn't well yesterday. Turns out the poor little mite has German Measles. Her imunisations obviously didn't work, which is a bit of a worry!! Anyway Deb has another little baby as well, who hasn't been immunised as yet, as she is too young. So she will probably get it as well. Poor blossom!!

As I type, I am getting some wood delivered for our new pergolas. Can't wait to get them done and make that all pretty. One is a cat run for our poor cats. They are roamers and the neighbours don't like that. They especially don't like my cats habit of using their nice soft garden beds as their bathroom. So we have them in a large cage at the moment and have been waiting for the builders to build this run for us.

We got Elijah dedicated on Sunday. It was nice to share this special occasion with family and our church family. Elijah howled the whole time and Caitlin chucked a tanty. I bet God looked down, smiled and was glad that HE didn't have to deal with this sort of thing as a parent. He just palmed his boy off to poor Mary and Joseph. Wonder if Jesus ever chucked a tantrum?

Well untill next time.

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