Mar 22, 2006

Rockin and Rollin and buildin

I have the most hillarious trio in my backyard, building our pergolas. The noise coming from them is just wonderful. They are chatting away, then you hear their laughter, then you hear a gun fire or 10 rounds.... of nails then back to chatting again.
The radio is blaring back there, and over and above whatever station they are listening to, when one of them hears a song they love, they belt out the tunes. Luckily they can sing in tune. But when all three of em like the song... well I got my own three little rockers back there singing their hearts out! And I quietly sing along as well, dancing with the mop (down the hall where no one can see me)
Oh they are listening to Triple M. No wonder it's all rock... Anyway...

The pergola where Pop's memorial Garden will go, is almost done. They have done a BRILLIANT job, and I think they are starting on the side, since it's in the shade. Smart idea. It's hot out there. I am bringing out bottles and jugs of cold water to keep the rockin trio hydrated.

Oh and the boss has the most DELICIOUS ute!! It's silver and even though it's a Holden it's just divine. I am sooo tempted to take it for a spin!! But I'll refrain and just admire it and pretend it's mine... just for the next 2 days. But if it was mine.... I wouldn't be sitting at home Blogging... I wouldn't be a Mummy anymore. I would be a carefree woman, driving all over with my hair free and my windows down and singing at the top of my lungs to my favourite songs... maybe that's why the boss man isn't afraid to belt out his favourite tunes!!
Can't put a baby seat or a booster seat in a ute... :(

Will take a picture of the pergola and memorial garden when it's done and show you - and I bet you will want to hire the rockin trio yourself when you see their snazzy pergola!!

Now better go and headbang some more in the bedroom....

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