Mar 6, 2006

Adjustment - just a minor one.

Because (I wrote because three times, because the upper case B wasn't working... stoopid keyboard)

BECAUSE we have a new addition to the family, things have changed. It's a huge change in thinking for me. For example: a messy house means I have happy children. A spotless house means I made good on my threat and moved the family out to live in the backyard!
I can't believe how much time two kids take up. It takes us twice as long to get out of the house, it takes twice as long to do the morning routine. I have to sneak into the shower inbetween feeds, naps and ABC kids. Today I watched Elijah scream (he WAS asleep untill Caitlin jumped on him and proclaimed him to be awake!) while I washed my hair.


Family news:
Daz - is same ol same ol. And thank goodness for that. Too much change would make my brain flip out.

Caitlin - Is still a challenge. Hopefully a few days in day care will help with that. We have the "good girl caterpillar" as an incentive for good behaviour. So far it's working well, she just has her moments like everybody.
On sunday she blew the minds of everyone at our table at lunch at the Midway tavern. She was reading the menu to Beth (CAFS nurse) Her jaw dropped. 2 and a half and reading... that's my girl!! Soon she can read "Chicken Licken" to herself a million times a day instead of me doing it. I am a tad sick of "Chicken licken, goosey loosey, ducky lucky, drakey lakey, turkey lurkey" and the gang. I am actually excited when the Foxy Loxy eats them because it's finally the end of the story.

Elijah - is doing his thang. He poops, wees, drinks endlessly. He is a milk-a-holic. They should have support groups for these boys. If he isn't attatched to the boob, he is thinking about it, or trying to get attatched!! He is adorable though and when he looks up into my face and just stares, my heart melts. This boy loves his Mummy. He gets a bit aggro with Caitlin. She cuddles him a tad to tightly and puts her mop of hair in his face, wet or dry. But when her death grip is lighter and her hair is away from him, he stares at her and is mesmerised by his beautiful sister.

Steve started Uni again and always brings up interesting things to talk about at the dinner table. All I can bring up is babies and EB. The things he learns and things he is creating are fascinating.

And me? Well I am a little pre-occupied to have much of a life. I don't have much energy for much more other than my babies.
Happy news? I lost 2kgs this week! I want to lose 10 by may so I am well on my way!!
We might be going away this weekend for a bit of a getaway. Depends if it's going to be stinking hot. So far it's going to be stinking hot. It's a public holiday this Monday. Adelaide Cup. They moved it from May to probably avoid the wet wintery weather. Ironically it's going to rain Monday according to the BOM.

Sad news? I don't have any... so that is happy news!

Well I might zip off now and wait for this kid to wake up to relieve my milk filled boobs! HURRY UP!!!

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