Mar 14, 2006

Boofer and Piddle-Pot

This is the story of Boofer (aka Elijah) who ate and ate and ate every 2 hours, drinking 120mls of formula PLUS whatever breast milk he could scavange for 2 days. He leaked out of every nappy he wore, and today surprised his Mumma with a huge poo that ended up mostly out of his nappy. Up his back, down his legs. EWWW GROSS!! Then today I was surprised to see that he has graduated from newborn 0000's to a real baby sized 000's. My newborn is dissapearring on me.

This is the story of Piddle-Pot who WAS toilet trained. Then decided that she couldn't be bothered going to the toilet anymore, and she thought it better to just open her legs and let the wee gush wherever she was standing. I have had enough of cleaning it up, so I have become Ogre Mum... if she wees, she cleans it up. She doesn't like that much.. let's see how long that lasts.

This same Piddle-Pot decided to sneak into my room while I was feeding Boofer and helped herself to my make up. I now am one pot of body glitter short, because it had been spread throughout the bedroom and all in my make up drawer. I am also a lipstick short.. it has been smooshed. And I am half a tube of medicated cream short... it has been smooshed out too. GRRR!!
So to stop that happening again, we have installed door knob covers. They make it really hard to open the door! She wont get into my room again.. untill she has hands the size of the Hulks! Though it's also adult proof as well... I as usual waited till I was absolutely DYING to go to the loo, then tried to get into my ensuite ASAP.... in my frantic state, I couldn't open the blasted door!! I was FREAKING!! Luckily I made it.

Better go, Elijah is screaming the house down... he probably has dropped his dummy AGAIN but you know I breed drama queens... the world is coming to an end!

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