Mar 21, 2006

Step forward Tin man!

Okay so it's not quite the Wizard of Oz tin, and I am no man... but I just made my very first Altered Tin, and I wanted to show the world (or the two people who actually read this blog - Hi hunny!)

Look at this!! I made it for my dear friend Catherine, who is at this moment in Indonesia and has given me 2 weeks grace to get a birthday present happening. I am glad she did because I finally got the gumption to try this out. And I am really proud of the results.
Catherine is young and funky so the stuck on dead fluro bird will suit her just fine. I also stuck around her tin things that she is starting with "C". By the way there is a C on the lid, but it isn't much more than that, so I won't bother showing you.

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Zebette said...

Ooo Hi Hunny yourself ;)