Feb 28, 2006

The continuing story

Back again... only 3 weeks later!!

OKay so he was born.
And taken away the next minute.

We named him Elijah John. Elijah because Daz and I both liked the name. It's a powerful name, Elijah from the bible was a great man. Hopefully our Elijah is just as great and impacts lives and his world in a powerful way. John after my very dear grandfather, Pops. He passed away 3 and a bit years ago from asbestos related lung cancer. He was very special to me and I was very close to him.

After I got all cleaned up (or while it was happening) the very kind paediatrician came in to fill me in on what was happening with my boy. Turns out he was having problems, exactly the same as what Caitlin had. Born VERY flat, low agpars, they performed CPR while I was still in the bath wondering what on earth happened. He told me what they were up to etc.

Katie had to go home because she was so exhausted and she was very emotional about Elijah. She had done everything according to protocol and yet the poor blighter still didn't have the grand entry we had all imagined. Denise stayed with me and helped me into a wheel chair and wheeled me to SCU to see my boy. It was all de-ja-vu. I saw my son under that oxygen helmet thing, just like Caitlin. Drips and monitors covering him, just like Caitlin. And him crying... my heart almost broke. I was crying when the doctors were explaining things to us. The registrar on was really nice and gentle. Funny but all the nurses and doctors who looked after Caitlin remembered us from last time.

So for a few days Elijah was drugged to the eyeballs with something that made him so sleepy. He rarely opened his eyes. On the second day he was very aggitated from the drugs, but he calmed down when Daz and I held him. Nurses held his hand to keep him quiet overnight.

I wasn't able to feed him untill he was 4 days old. I pumped my breasts desperately trying to get a milk supply going. My milk was syringed into a tube that went into his nose and down his throat, when his kidneys started working again... yeah they packed up as well.

It's funny but it's all getting hazy. I remember having to go to the hospital every 4 hours to breast feed him when they finally allowed that. That was REALLY hard. Caitlin's behaviour went to pot. I have never seen her like it... she was almost demon possessed. Her routine was all out and she didn't cope well with that at all.

When Elijah was 1 week old, we were allowed to take him home FINALLY!!! Never heard such good news in all my life. I was tired from the worry, the going backwards and forwards and trying to deal with the devil incarnate as well. (Don't worry, she went back to being angelic when things settled down)

So fast forward to today. The drugs finally left his system and I now have a very alert hungry little man. He can't get enough milk from me, so I top him up with formula. He is alert when he is awake... but when he sleeps, a tornado whipping through wouldn't wake him. Daz is excellent at waking him up... probably because he has no problems annoying him and disturbing him. Why not? he disturbs me when I sleep... why not torture his boy as well?? LOL Just kidding, coz I know he is reading this!!

Last night Elijah went from waking once in the night for a feed.... to last night... sleeping through the night. I woke with leaking rocks on my chest. Owwww!! I got Daz to wake him up for me because I was dripping all over the place. YUCK!!

Caitlin is doing alot better. Once Daz went back to work, she settle right down. We have Mummy-Caitlin time for an hour or so in the morning and she seems to respond well to that time. Her scream-to-wake-the-dead tantrums have almost stopped completely, she is still arguing but not as much as she did a few weeks ago. (as we speak she is chucking a wobbly because she doesn't want to take a nap! Maybe I spoke too soon) Anyway she is alot more happy and more settled. She has attention seeking behaviour which I will have to nip in the bud. She kicked my Mum today because Mum wasn't giving her the attention she wanted. GRRR!!
That sort of thing is NOT on..

Daz and I are starting to plan our holiday to NT. I can't wait to go. We will have a caravan then and we can drag our little house with us and it's a familiar place for the kiddies. Steve (my brother) will be coming with us so he can check out all those great places as well. I think he wants to climb ayres Rocks. I won't... because I have two babies that I will have to leave behind, and apparently it's REALLY dangerous. And also it's a sacred site to the Aboriginal people. I don't want to disrespect them and their beliefs. Do unto others and all that....

Well that's all folks for now.

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