Apr 2, 2006

Cleanliness is next to godliness

....In that case my cats are down right heathens!

For the last I don't know how many years, I have had to put up withdust dirt, grime and their forever shedding of fur! On saturday Daz cleverly moggy proofed the cat run, and so the cats are stuck in there. So I evicted them from my laundry and they are now living in the cat run. Since we have lived in this house, those cats have slept, ate, threw up and crapped in my laundry. Not any more.

Today I scrubbed and vacuumed so much fur, I swear, the loose fur could have been made into a nice fur coat!! I now have a spotless laundry and I am soooo pleased.

I have the laundry door open, because I don't have to smell the kitty litter. I don't have to have cat hair blowing into the house, and I don't have the smell of Whiskas wafting into the house. I can now smell laundry smells. Fabric softner, washing powder and the warm smell of clothes in the drier.
I would get so annoyed when they lived in there. I would clean it till it was spotless, but the very next day, it would look like I hadn't touched it! How depressing!!

CYS came today to weigh my Boofer boy... he has gained a kilo since he was last weighed. Guess that growth spurt was working! He is busting out of his 000 grow suits, which is sad. My little bubba is becoming a big bubba.

Well I better go let Caitlin out of her room. She was sent there in disgrace for screaming at me when I told her to do something.... so simple as putting her pants back on... my daughter the nudist!!! She is calling for me, so I guess she is ready to apologise and ready to make muffins... if her pants are on!

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