Apr 26, 2006

My latest hobby

Family trees!!

I have been working on my family tree this week and its sooo intersting and so much fun. My Nanna is helping me by chasing up her family trying to get as much information as possible to me, she has been sorting through old photos and I think she is pretty excited about it.

I have been having a ball chasing up dead rellies, ripping up old skeletons...

I am FASCINATED about my great great granny "Fan". She has a different name on her tomb stone as what she was christened, she had an illegitimate child - a real hussy! :) Her husband "fell down the stairs" and died on Christmas day. I half wonder if her husband bought her the wrong gift... or otherwise he was drunk as a skunk... coz really, who falls down stairs besides kids?? I don't think he was that old either... anyway... Going to see what I can dig up.

I need to work less on it though, because I keep dreaming about it. And I wake up utterly exhausted... and also exhausted from Daz's talking in his sleep. I reckon I should buy a cattle prod and give it to him when he starts talking. He won't do that more than twice I reckon.

Kids are going great. Elijah is getting so big. Caitlin is just a champ and an angel. I am soo proud of her. We went to friends place for lunch on ANZAC day and she was perfect. She didn't do a think wrong... and I was so proud of her. Friends little boy was a bit of a pain in the bum. He belted my girl across the chest. Nasty piece of work. I dont know why but I feel like flinging him onto Main North Road (major BUSY highway up this end) in peak hour traffic. The protective instinct is coming out in me.... I will just have to watch that boy closely. If he keeps it up, I will be not allowing Caitlin to play with him. He needs to learn to behave and not act violently.

Today we had a major breakthrough. After months and months and months of trying to get Caitlin to not wet her pants, and recognise when she needed to go to the toilet. After months of frustration and countless rolls of paper towels... TODAY she came to me from playing outside. "Mummy, Caitlin needs to go to the toilet" YAY!!
We had changed our approach a bit as well. She was starting to hide when she had done a wee and I thought that was sad, I was making myself unapproachable which I NEVER wanted to be. So we started being sympathetic when she had accidents, and didn't growl and didn't say anything negative. Just encouragement and "maybe next time?" sorts of things.
Well today Caitlin raced to the toilet. She didn't quite make it because her little seat had been taken off. She was very upset about it, but after a cuddle from me and "Never mind. We'll clean it up and get you some dry socks" she seemed to be okay.

Must remember for Elijah - be positive about accidents, even if you want to hit the roof because that is the 8th pair of pants and knickers you have washed that morning, be patient, be kind. It will happen... eventually.

Well I better go and wake Caitlin up from her nap otherwise she won't be sleeping tonight...

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