Apr 5, 2006

Nothing to say.

Not much to say today.
Nothing exciting has really happened.
It's got cold all of a sudden which is depressing. I hate and I mean HATE winter. You can't go anywhere without putting on 6 layers of clothing on. You can't swim at the beach, you can't sunbake... shouldn't do that anyway because of skin cancer, you can't picnic, unless you want a damp bum and frozen cheeks and ears.
The only bright spark is that in July Caitlin will be turning 3! My my such a big girl! I think I have seen photos of MY third birthday. Wow! Better start thinking of what we are going to do to celebrate it. Half tempted to have a HUGE rellie bash with both sides, with those patio heaters, and everyone can freeze their butts off outside! But then my younger cousins don't know how to respect my home or my kids belongings, so scrap that idea.
Guess it depends on how this winter pans out.

Anyway I just did a work out, and I am dripping with sweat, so I am hittin the shower, before Sir Scream-alot wakes up and shatters some windows with his wailing.

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