Apr 7, 2006

Melting Mummy moment

This is one moment I want to capture for all of time. The most heart wrenching moment in the history of being a mother to Elijah (All of 8 weeks)

This morning Daz fed Elijah his 6am feed as usual so I can sleep. He then put him down for a sleep in the nursery. When I reared my sleepy head, Elijah was sound asleep and had been for an hour. I plodded around the house, doing some cleaning, eating breakfast etc.
I heard Elijah stirring about 2 hours later and I went in to get him up.
He looked at me, his lip began to quiver and then he had the saddest pout on those lips of his. My heart nearly tore in two, he looked soooo sad! And he started to cry, the saddest cry I have ever heard him wail. I picked him up and he snuggled into my neck, crying. I wanted to cry with him, he was so sad.
When he stopped crying, he was still cuddling and snuggling. I think the boy missed me!! You would think I hadn't seen him for 3 months, not 6 hours!!

I cherished that moment of snuggles and cuddles. I want to remember that moment untill the day I die. I want to remember the feeling of my heart being pulled and my heart soaring with joy all at the same time. I want to remember the feeling of his face in my neck, and the sound of his cries of relief that Mummy was there.
And when he is all grown up, and married to some lovely girl. He may love her the most, and that's good, and that is the way it should be. But he loved me first and that will always be special.

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Zebette said...

Awwww Skip, I just got all teary thinking about it!
Savour it as they grow up far too quickly.