Apr 10, 2006

Cringe moments

Elijah has had a cold the last 2 days, and you would think we were killing him the way he carries on. Poor blossom couldn't breathe and so I tried my hand at "snot extraction" It was the most vulgar thing I have ever done. The nasal drops I have for him has a big bulb thing that sucks the snot out of their nose.... that's not so bad... except I had to clean it afterwards. I had forgotten that newborn snot is like gum... stringy, stretchy and sticks to everything.

He seems to be over it now, and if he isn't smiling and happy, he is grumping. 4pm - 9pm is a nightmare time for us. Elijah cries and cries and cries. Wish he had a volume control.

Caitlin is going really well. Such a clever girl and so funny. Some of the things she comes out with makes me burst out laughing. I guess I will keep her after all and not sell her on ebay... if Elijah keeps up his crying he might have to be listed instead. LOL
Her toilet training is doing welll. She has the odd accident, which is frustrating because she has to go 30 days without wetting her pants to get her Princess Scrapbooking Kit. Today she had a HUGE accident. She was busting but for some reason wouldn't climb on the toilet, she ran out for me to lift her on the toilet but I was feeding Elijah, so I came into the toilet later to find the most massive yellow puddle on the floor and Caitlin in tears. Poor blossom. To prevent that happening again, I have put back the potty so if she can't get on by herself she can wee in the pot. I would rather it in there than on the floor or in her pants.
I am really proud of her. She is a really good little girl. I feel sorry for her too, because I feel like I am neglecting her. I try to spend chunks of time with her, and try to keep Elijah happy and my house clean all at the same time. It will get easier, when Elijah isn't so dependant and needy.

Easter is coming up. We are going to have my parents and brothers and SIL and nieces over for dinner good friday. Hoping it's going to be nice weather because I would love to have it outside. On Easter Monday we are heading to the Yorke Peninsula to hang out with my Aunty and her crew. Hope the weather is nice, we might be able to go fishing or go down the beach or something. Caitlin would love that. I could handle the slow relaxing activities too!

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