Apr 18, 2006

RIP everything we own

This week we have had a few deaths in the family.
First of all, our lounge suite we bought when we got married and that has been sat on alot has passed on. At first the cushions we bought to go on it, faded, flattened and ended up rotting so that the stuffing spilled everywhere. Next the base collapsed and so when you sat down, you had to have help getting up again... your butt was about an inch off the ground and knees up around your ears. Now the whole lot is just flat, uncomfortable and it's time to get a new one.... when we have some spare cash.
Next thing that died was the kettle. That kettle has seen us through cups of tea, cups of soup, filling hot water bottles, cooking and baby bottles. Now we have a flash new one... it does the same job and it's one of those fancy cordless ones....
Next thing to cark it was all 5 of our fish. A few weeks back 2 of our gold fish died. One died because it was sick, the other one died because our sucking catfish ate it. Well... hickied it to death... sucked all it's scales off... One thing the pet shop DIDN'T tell me that would happen if I didn't drop pellets of food for it to eat. So we went to the pet store to buy more fish. I let Caitlin choose which fish she would like. She chose an expensive black moor and a white fish with orange and black spots.. I think it was the ugliest fish on the planet. Well with those fish came a fungal disease didn't it... which infected the whole tank. First of all teh black moor died... typical. It cost the most but carked it sooner. Then they all started popping off one by one, till the last one - the ugly spotted one passed on. Now all we have are some snails roaming around the tank looking for food. I will have to get some more fish next weekend... otherwise those snails are going to starve. Will have to empty the tank and really clean it well to get rid of that disease.
The next to thing to pass on was our DVD player, it decided to die right in the middle of watching Dr Quinn... blasphemy!! We need to replace that ASAP, I can only go so long watching day time TV while I am sitting on my butt feeding my boy.

Speaking of my boy, he had an appointment with a paediatrician today to see how he is going after his dramatic entry into this world. So far so good. The only thing that is "abnormal" is that Elijah opens his fingers but his thumb stays pressed on his palms. Apparently normal for bubbas that have had traumatic births.
The Paed also talked to me about further options for having more babies and my hope is growing daily. He thinks I might be able to go for another natural delivery, I would be closely monitored but still... we just have to see what the professor says.

Caitlin has been an independent miss, "Caitlin do it" has been the catch phrase of the day. Caitlin button her shirt up, Caitlin pull her pants up, and if I try to help her, she rips the item of clothing off and has to start again!! It took her half an hour to get her pants on this afternoon. She screamed and cried because she was struggling with buttons, but refused to let me get anywhere near her to help her. I think she is at the moment overtired. Not napping, and having full days... But also choosing this moment to be independent. It's good in a way... it shows she is growing up and becoming her own person and it's frustrating in a way because it takes her so long that we are never going to get anywhere on time.

Easter came and went and we had a great long weekend. Good Friday we spent cleaning the house because my family were all coming over for dinner. I made a huge roast pork and an Easter Cheesecake... which was Tim tams in cream cheese with Mars Bar easter eggs pushed into the filling and a hard chocolate top. Remind me not to do the hard chocolate top, I couldn't cut through it!!
Easter Monday we went to see my Aunty on the Yorke Peninsula, she is a legend. She is more my friend than relation. I love going up there to hang out. It was freezing and it rained the whole time but we still had fun. My Uncle breeds dogs, and he showed us what he has been doing. I have fallen in love with a Labrador crossed with a spaniel (I think) It's the most divine looking dog and Ir eally think a puppy would be good for Caitlin. She needs someone to play with and to run around with. Someone to love and that will love her. She needs someone to burn her energy with. Especially now as my time is so taken up with looking after a certain demanding baby. (He doesn't mean to be demanding, he is just dependent on me) Daz isn't that thrilled about a dog. He never grew up with a dog so I can hardly expect him to understand what it's like to have one. He just doesn't get it.
I had dogs and us kids loved them. We taught our dog Bobby how to play chasee and how to play hide and seek and how to play in the sprinkler. He was so much fun. We had to leave him behind when we moved interstate and that devestated me. I don't think I had a dog since then.

Well I better get off too bed. It's late and I am exhausted. I didn't sleep too well last night... Elijah slept brilliantly, he only woke once at 5am to have a feed... but I struggled to drop off... I don't think I will have any problems tonight.

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