Feb 2, 2010

Testing Testing... 1. 2. 3

Yesterday at E's psych appointment, I was put in a nice room - with soft comfy lounges - with some magazines and was told to put my feet up. E needed to be away from me for his testing. Apparently something about the results not being as accurate when I'm in the room. They needed me to be close, since he had only met the psychologist once before - and he was still sizing her up as he entered the room where he usually has his speech sessions. His speechie was on hand - as someone familiar to him - and he started the first of his assessments. This one was an intellectual assesment.

So I kicked off my shoes, grabbed an 8 year old trashy mag... yes... 8 years old.... back when Brad and Jen were still together! I curled up on the couch and flicked through - regretting not bringing my glasses so I could actually read it! When I was done with the mags, I looked at the clock. He'd been in there 1 hour and 10 minutes. I could hear him talking to the psych - and playing different things. So I pulled out my PDA and started reading Pride and Prejudice that I had on file. The speechie came in and was marvelling at EJ's attention span. She said usually most kids cope for about 10 minutes then need a break - he had been going the entire time! EJ finished the test from start to end - instead of over 2-3 weeks. :) Nice job son!

Speechie and Psych came in afterwards to chat about how he went. They seemed very positive about it all.

EJ must have had a marvelous time with the Psych, because that night he was still raving about his time with her and what he did. He told Daddy all about it. Then this morning he asked if we were going to go back and play with them again today.

Too cute!

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daph-a-dills said...

AWESOME....WTG little man...I bet that was a nice relief for you...bugger on the book LOL.