Feb 16, 2010

She has a serious case of the clumps!

Half an hour ago, I got a call from Mop's school office....
"Mrs Skipper, Mop has headlice."
I was horrified. I'm pretty vigilant about checking her head every morning while putting her hair up for the day. My skin and scalp began to crawl. Blaaahh.... head lice!

Oh well.. it would be our first case. I knew of an effective remedy - Gail has told me about it. I began to make mental notes... right i need to clean her pillow, change her bedding, clean all the brushes, chuck out all her hair ties she has used, vacuum her mattress, wash her hats.....

I arrived at the school - grabbed Caitlin - and off we went home. I look one look in her hair and....


I must have sprayed her hairspray too close this morning. She had clumps of hair spray in her hair - leaving white flecks in her hair - looking alot like lice eggs. The "eggs" all crumbled as I began to brush her thick hair. I inspected her head anyway just to double check.

She is now standing next to me, reading her school reader, her thick long hair hanging down her back - lice free.

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Anonymous said...


Guess they didn't want to get too close!