Feb 5, 2010

If I had a superpower...

I am totally going to love this BLOG THIS challenge!! I have a confession to make... as I am going to sleep each night - I go to a place in my mind call "Skipper's World" - this is where all things are possible. This is a place where my mind slows down and forgets about the day - and the day coming up. I need to force my mind to think on other things, other than what I don't want to forget to do tomorrow, or dwell on stresses and worries.

So.. I go to Skipper's world. I have been stranded on a desert island - and I managed quite well until help came. I have been a billionaire - and changed the world with my wealth. Lots and lots of dreams and scenarios - but my current world is - my superpower. So I've had alot of time to think about this and what I would do with it.

If I has a superpower - it would be the power of invisibility.


How this power works is that I simply will myself to be invisible - and anything I touched and willed it to be invisible, would become so. Understand?
I would touch my husband and children and will them to be invisible with me...


... so we could step on a plane, and fly to Europe. We wouldn't need tickets, passports or visas. We would simply hop on the flight, find a spare seat, and fly to wherever we wanted. We could go and visit such wonderful places, all under the cloak of invisibility. We could visit museums, art galleries, famous landmarks, not so famous landmarks, take in the scenery. We could become visible again when we needed to eat somewhere - but other than that, we could be completely unseen to the rest of the world.


I would like to kiss my husband under the Eifel Tower, walk through the Arc de Triomphe, touch Stonehenge (which I believe is now fenced off due to vandalism), waltz through Buckingham Palace - and see if the Queen ever farts or picks her nose. Greece, Italy, Switzerland, Germany - all such wonderful places - with so many things to see... and I would see them all - and very inexpensively - with the people so dear to me.




Each night I would find a posh hotel to sleep in - with a penthouse suite that was vacant for the night - and sleep in absolute luxury - having a huge bubble bath in a tub the size of a small swimming pool.


If I was invisible, I could visit my best friend Bec any weekend I wanted to. Just hop on a plane, go see her, hang out with her - then go home again.

If I was invisible, I could sneak into the bank, unobserved, and I would get rid of the mortgage debt of all the dear people in my life.


If I was invisible I could go to the movies whenever I pleased, I could go shopping in my PJ's and slippers. I could nip over the road to my neighbours house, while they were at work and watch Foxtel on their TV, using their A/C. I could go into amazing restraunts and nip into the kitchen and watch how chefs create such amazing masterpieces.


I could go to book stores, and drag in a display beanbag from Myers and just read books without even having to buy them. I could go to basketball games with my husband and sit on the very front row.

When my kids are in school - I could go hang out with Daz at work - I am not allowed to be on the premises - but they would never know if I was invisible.

I could sit in on conversations - and no one would know I was there.


I could hear who was bitching about who. I know it's not nice, and totally goes against my beliefs - but if I was into revenge - it would be so cool to go through some people's homes with stink bombs - and let them off, one by one. I could smear invisible pilchards all over the ceiling. Let them live in a stench!! I could slash the tires of the neighbour's car who keeps parking illegally and that almost creates accidents. I could go watch the domestic arguments that keep happening over in the neighbour's house - and make the person who swears slip over on their backsides. (I'm over hearing their fights and arguments.)

I could go and visit the rich and famous - and find out what their lives are really like - what THEY are really like. I want to visit Vince Vaughn first. I love him... so funny! I could visit poor countries, and take the poor children who are in orphanages out - and give them to families who can take care of them and who want them. Bye bye stupid governments and all the beurecratical rubbish.

I could help police with their crime investigations. I could help them solve crimes and put horrible, nasty crims behind bars. I could help in army inteligence. I could help make this world a better place by helping remove the people who make it so terrible.


There are so many things I could do. And having the power of invisibility would be absolutely awesome! Of course I would want to use my superpower for good, not evil. I would be SUPER SKIP! I like it!!


Kellyansapansa said...

I like it too! What a great challenge entry :o)

Lori said...

What a great superpower!

Quixotic said...

What a great post! Love your superpower, esp. for the reasons you gave. :)

Car said...

LOL - me thinks you think too much ;) Love the sound of skips world... I have a carrose world that is creating some noice short stories for my stash ;)

Being invisible would be super cool, just don't let go of DH's hand under the eiffle tower ;)