Feb 14, 2010

It all begins again....

... Uni that is.

My semester starts today. I got all my course info over the weekend - including details of assignments and what's expected of me.

I just want to say - I LOVE TECHNOLOGY! I got my text books as E-books, so I can read them on my computer. :) Happy days!!! Cheaper and less clutter - win win!!
This subject has a lot of assessment. Something due every 2 weeks, I have a minor paper, major paper, Creative presentation (piece of cake!!) and a research paper to do, not to mention 2 textbooks to read with lectures and tutorials. So my nose will be to the grindstone that's for sure!

Hard work? Yes. Excited? VERY!!!


Kellyansapansa said...

Ugh, I hate studying. Want to do a couple of assignments for me if you like them that much?

Seriously though, good luck!

Car said...

What course are you doing? I am looking and hoping to do a course next year :)