Feb 22, 2010

Say what???

Guess what??

You will never guess... so I'll just tell you shall I?

My Twitter account has been suspended. Yes. My statements of "I'm cleaning out my walk in robe" has offended the Twitter Bugs.... :P

I've fired off an email and I'm waiting to get it back. So if you are following and are wondering what happened... THAT'S what happened.

It's funny isn't it? My Twitter account lasted me less than 12 hours.



....Tammy.... said...

well how daft is that of Twitter!!!
Hope they re-instate you!!

Kakka said...

You have to be kidding, but obviously you are not. Nanny Police gone mad, xxx

Colleen said...

lol uh oh, i wonder how that happened.

Whenever you get your twitter up and running again let me know and i can add you. :)

Renata said...

LOL - I wonder what offended them? I haven't braved the world of twitter (or facebook either for that matter). Hope you got it sorted