Feb 23, 2010

Change again...

... no I'm not changing my blog template again! :P

But since it's pretty much certain (unless God has an evil sense of humor) that we are finished our family, it's time to make some changes. Our home has been set up the way it has been, pretty much, since it was just Daz and I. But we are finding with three kids, this isn't working. Formal spaces are never used, the kids only have room in their bedroom for their toys - which doesn't work when EJ and Milly both want to be with me while they play. EJ has a huge train track, that he can't play with because his bedroom is too small, and the living room is tiny as well - so he can't play with it.

So we are going to do a big change around.

When it's all done, I'll show pictures. But that's what is the plan.

Also, since EJ is getting to be less needy during the day, I have time and energy to start "purging". I've been tossing out stuff left right and center. I haven't been able to do it for a few years now because it was just too hard with a screaming boy and a tired Mama.

I've been having a ball, tossing out old stuff - ready to go to op-shops. My walk in robe has never looked so empty! Since there are no more babies, my home doesn't have to be "baby friendly" and we can now start making it more "family friendly".

At the moment my formal lounge is a dumping ground - anything that is going to the opshop is being dumped in there. We have bags and boxes all over the place! I'm not finished yet - but I reckon the room will be full to the brim of stuff to go.

Anyway... so that's what I am doing.


Anonymous said...

Oooh, very exciting! Can't wait to see what you do. I've been trying to make Miss A's room less babyish and she is loving it. I'm sure yours will too

Kakka said...

Can't wait to see the pics. It is a great feeling to declutter and change the way spaces are used.

Renata said...

Well done for de-cluttering. I did a major declutter when we moved, so find now I don't have a lot of extra things (also I'm not a hoarder - except for baby things). Enjoy this time & new phase in your life. Looking forward to those pics!