Oct 28, 2008

An update

It's been a rough few days - and nights. Poor little Milly is cutting her two top teeth. Last night she screamed from 7-11pm, then from 1-3am. I ended up rocking her to sleep. I tried walking her around outside (she preferred to look at the lights and the police helicopter that was circling around) I tried everything. It was a hard night and I am exhausted.
She's been really clingy as well. It's kinda nice because she wants me. She has been a "Mum-mum" girl alot. She just wants to be with me. Kinda makes it tricky cooking dinner with a Milly Moo on my hip. :)
I can tell she's in pain, she's not her happy little self. I've never heard her cry so much. Poor cherub.

What better way to soothe her gums than to sink your teeth into your brother's apple?? Poor boy nipped off to the toilet and while he was gone, Milly quickly climbed up to the table and swiped it.



I've been exhausted for a while. I stopped sleeping well when Daz got sick, and it's been just bad since then. I'm tired, cranky - and I think yesterday I hit the end of my tether when I wanted to pick my whinging son up and chuck him over to the pitbull terrier in the neighbours yard. Poor kid. Didn't have a very good Mummy day yesterday.
A plus is that we started the ball rolling in getting him enrolled in Montessori. He'll have one or two mornings a week playing with other kids and not wandering around, whinging, whining and missing Mop. Mummy isn't very fun to play with - he'd rather be bossed around by Mop. LOL

His toilet training is going really well. Poo's all in the toilet and probably a wee accident once every couple of days. I'm thrilled with how well he is going - and the savings of money spent on nappies!! WOOT!!
I am getting frustrated with his lack of trying to dress himself. It's a battle every day to get him to help get dressed. Though today I saw he put his own jocks on without him screaming "STUCK!" before he even put a foot in a leg hole! He often walks around with no jocks or pants on because he wants me to dress him all the time. Sorry bud, not going to happen. So independant in some areas and totally not in others.

Me, well I am really excited. I have a friend who is going to give me a Yummy Mummy make over. Help me stop looking like a daggy ol bag and give me some style and some tips on what to wear. Ziz is a very classy lady - and I am so thrilled she can pass on some of her tips to me! She is very clever and has worked out my style and what my body shape will look good in. Very very clever lady. Funny thing is that she lives in Melbourne, so she'll be working her magic via webcam. *giggle* Gotta love modern technology.

I've been working on my E-book - which will be a Yearly Organiser - trying to get it out for 1st December. I am working so hard and am really happy with how it's going so far.

We got an invitation to Daz's work Christmas party. It's a family affair which is lovely. It's apparently very kid orientated so that's lovely, and Santa gives each of the kids a present too which is nice. Not sure how I am going to explain this guy to E - Mop has already expressed scorn about Santa and how he isn't real. LOL I quickly explained that he is real to other kids and that she shouldn't tell anyone he isn't real - let them discover that on their own, otherwise she will ruin their Christmas.

Mop is getting very excited about Christmas. She is doing alot of Christmas activities in school and she's got the countdown thing happening. She's her mother's daughter!!

Ok well I better head off... I need some shut-eye.

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